The Most Effective Way to Complete A Spring Cleaning

by Maid Prime - April 1, 2020


We know that our average reader doesn’t have the time to do their own spring cleaning around the house. That is why they come to us for help. When we ask our clients what household tasks they would like to eliminate, surprisingly most of them say they would want to spend less time on the dirtier tasks such as cleaning window tracks, organizing and keeping their homes tidy are some of their least favorite tasks. After hearing the feedback from you it was time we made a cheat sheet to help with your  spring cleaning.


Spring cleaning can take up a lot of time. Most don’t even want to consider starting (that’s why they hire us).  Once you change your mindset – and start thinking of how fresh and clean your home would be after you’re done cleaning, then it can be easier to initiate the cleaning in the first place. 

The easiest way to do so would be to set a specific date and time on when your spring cleaning has to take place. Go to your local market and buying all the products that are needed for the cleaning day. You should do this at least a few days in advance. Also make sure you set aside an entire day for the actual cleaning.

Follow Cleaning Product Label Instructions

Take a moment to read instructions and directions on all of your cleaning products and supplies.  This will ensure that you are aware of where each product can and cannot be used. Also this will help save time since you will be aware of the correct directions.

Check out this youtube video for more helpful tips and tricks.

Get Help From A Friend

Cleaning can be a very tedious task, so the more help you get the faster the time will go. Cleaning with a partner will not only speed up the cleaning process but also cause time to move faster. Both you and your partner are working on the same task, it makes time go by faster.

Divide The Work Into Categories

To clean the most efficient way possible you should divide your work into different categories or sections. You will never miss any areas of your home when you complete each room from top to bottom left to right. At the end you would clean the floors by mopping and vacuuming.

Reward Yourself

Make sure to reward yourself for the hard work after you are all done cleaning. Cleaning a home let alone spring cleaning can be very difficult and after completing such a task you should take the time to relax and appreciate your hard work.

By following these helpful tips and tricks you will see the efficiency of your time with spring cleaning and it can help avoid having to hire professional cleaners. However, if you value your time more than you do the money that it would cost to have your home spring cleaned. You can always book your spring cleaning with us.


Taking The Extra Steps To Keep Your House Clean

One thing that is often overlooked in a good spring cleaning is your heating and air conditioning system. You have all this work done around your house to get things sparkling clean and it is really satisfying only to have a layer of dust on everything a day or two later. The issue may be dirty ductwork in your home. We see this all the time and there is an easy solution. Bringing in an air duct cleaning specialist can make the effects of your spring cleaning even better. Our friends at J&M Services wrote a great article that will give you a bit more information on what you can expect from a reputable duct cleaning company. Click Here For The Article.