How to Clean an Oven for Beginners

by Maid Prime - February 5, 2020

House Cleaning In Lake Oswego

House Cleaning In Lake Oswego

Most people feel that oven cleaning is one of the most challenging portion of keeping the kitchen clean. Don’t worry! We are happy to guide you through the steps necessary to make your lifer easier. With our professional background we can offer some insight on what methods works best.

Sometimes having to balance cooking, family time, and cleaning can be difficult. This can make it difficult to upkeep the oven which would mean that the cleaning of splatters of burnt food, drips and grease on the surfaces may be complicated. If you use the correct approach, the cleaning should be easier.

Below we have a few trusted tips to make your oven sparkle; and the best part is these steps can be followed by beginners.


Tip 1: For burnt food

Removing burnt food should be the first step of cleaning your oven. The solution you are using should be applied directly to the spots that need extra attention. Keep in mind baking soda can serve the needs if you are interested in using a home-based remedy. Simply apply baking soda on all the affected areas and then spray some warm water. Let your oven sit for a few hours (if possible overnight) and then wipe gently using a damp cloth.


Tip 2: For greasy residue

The first portion of the cleaning that you will want to tackle are the tough grease stains on the surfaces. You can find many grease removal solutions at your local cleaning store or simply use vinegar to decrease the surfaces. Please make sure to apply these solutions carefully to each surface. After applying the solution make sure you wait a fews minutes or as specified by the product instructions. After waiting for the solution to absorb into the grease start by wiping down with a damp sponge. If your oven does not have a large build up of grease you can skip this step or use dishwashing soap with warm water as necessary to remove any grease.


Tip 3: For bad odor

An oven that is not upkeep can start producing a bad lingering odor. Most times the smell is caused by built up food and grease from over the years. If this is the case you first follow step 1 and step 2 to remove the specific stains your oven surfaces have. After you can cut two lemons and put them inside an oven pan with a small amount of water. Then you set the temperature to approximately 200 degrees for about 30 minutes. This should remove any lingering smell in the oven. This step can also remove any excessive grease build up in the parts of the oven you otherwise were unable to reach. 


We hope these simple tips will help you get a shiny oven and if you need help with your initial oven cleaning we would be happy to help you clean it on a professional level. Please keep in mind that your oven needs to be cleaned at least two times per year to keep in great shape.